Volume 1, Article 4

Tell the Title of your Tale’ Technique: Its Relevance to Third Generation Coaching
Ashwini Nataraja Vanishree


Citation: Vanishree, A. N. (2020). ‘Tell the Title of your Tale Technique: Its Relevance to Third Generation Coaching.‘ International Journal of Coaching Psychology, 1, 4, 1-6.

Processing dates: Submitted 22 August, 2020; Re-submitted 27 October, 2020; Accepted 3 November, 2020; Published 11 December, 2020.

Volume 1, Article 4

‘Tell the Title of your Tale’ technique is proposed as a tool that can be used to expand coachees’ capacity for reflection, opportunity for meaning-making, and enable narrative-collaborative dialogue between coaching psychologist, and coachees, all of which characterizes third generation coaching. ‘Tell the Title of your Tale’ technique is based on the premise that if content of autobiographies, and biographies sum up the life tales of an individual, ideally the ‘title’ of these life tales capture the essence of what is shared in the detailed account. Five different variations of this reflection-based, dialogue-driven, collaborative technique is described in this paper, along with examples of follow-up questions, expected outcome, and general precautions in using the same. Further research using this technique is recommended in various arenas of coaching such as
education, sports, relationship, health care, business etc.

Key words: tell the title of your tale, coaching psychology, narrative coaching, third generation coaching, creative activity, autobiography, biography

IJCP 1-4


Ashwini Nataraja Vanishree is a Doctoral Scholar, Department of Psychology, Jain (deemed to be University),
Bangalore, India